Material Management and Fulfillment

We will customize and tailor our services to accommodate your logistical needs. With superior communications and service dependability, Mainfreight San Francisco takes pride in seeing that your shipment is correctly and expeditiously handled – the first time and every time.

Material Management and Fulfillment

Our comprehensive services include order fulfillment, pack-out, assembly and item level testing.

Quality control and internet visibility are standard features of our order and inventory management system called Mainchain Order Management.

Mainchain Order Management is a virtual command center tool with complete visibility to your inventory staged in warehouses around the globe. Complementing Mainchain Order Management, our Incident Management system enables both our customer service staff and our customers to identify and track business trends and set strategic goals.

Materials Management


Comprehensive fulfillment services include: pick/pack, kitting, postponement, testing and RMA programs.
Bonded Warehousing

Mainfreight San Francisco is a US Customs Bonded Container Freight Station (CFS). We are also a US TSA Certified Cargo Screen Facility (CCSF).

Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF)

We utilize 3 types of methods when screening cargo:

– Physical screening
– ETD (explosive trace device)
– X-ray screening